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The name for this beautifully refurbished Machiya (townhouse) is derived from its lovely small garden, covered with moss (Koke in Japanese), a particular style which has been used in Japanese Zen gardens for centuries, providing an unparalleled serene and tranquil atmosphere. This house is located in a little hideaway alley, those ensuring a quiet relaxing surrounding, while allowing immediate access to the middle of Kyoto’s historical district of Higashiyama (Eastern Mountains). Koke-an has been built right on the corner of Sanjo Dori (the last station on the old Tokaido road, connecting Tokyo and Kyoto in the Edo period) and Jingu Michi (with a view of one of Japan’s biggest shrine gates). The convenience of its location means that you can drop in the middle of the day, have a rest, take a nap, shower, change clothes or have a cup of tea and still be central enough to continue with your travels. Within 2 minutes walk, there is a subway station, 24hr convenience stores and a variety of restaurants within 15 meters.


Capacity 2~7 guests

Room 62.53m2

Dining room, sitting room, kitchen, Bathroom, toilet, Western style room with one double bed,

Western style bedroom with twin rooms, Japanese room (4.5 tatami mats)


151-10,11, Nishimachi, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0037, Japan

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