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Privacy Policy


株式会社北山貿易のウェブサイト(以下「本サイト」)では、 予約・問い合わせなどの手続きの際、お客様の個人情報を入力していただき、

データベースに登録しております。 ご登録いただいた情報は、弊社がお客様にとって有益なサービスをご提供するために使用させていただきます。


1. ご利用にあたって





2. サービス内容の変更




3. 著作権



4. 免責事項






5. 本サイトへのリンク




6. リンク先に対する弊社の免責





7. プライバシーポリシー


ご登録いただいた情報は、弊社がお客様にとって有益なサービスをご提供するために使用させていただき、それ以外の目的に使われることはありません。 プライバシーポリシーに関してはこちらのプライバシーポリシーのページをご覧ください。


Kitayama Trading Co. Ltd. website (hereinafter referred to as "the Site"), when entering reservation / inquiries, etc, including your personal information, they will be registered into the Site database. Registered information will be used by us to provide useful services for our customers.

1. Getting Started
The website of Kitayama Trading Co. Ltd. ("our company") (hereinafter "this site") is operated by our company.
Be sure to read the following items before using this site. By using this site and its services, you are agreeing to the following terms.
The following terms are subject to change without notice. Please be sure to check the latest information.

2. Change of service contents
From time to time, we may change the contents of services provided on the Site without prior notice.
In addition, for maintenance work, in case of system failure or other similar reasons, we might have to suspend the operation of some or all of the Site temporarily, or for as long as required without prior notice.

3. Copyright
The copyright of the information that is posted on the Site belongs to Kitayama Trading in principle. We do not allow secondary use of information posted on this site, unless we have specifically gave our prior written consent.

4. Disclaimer
· We have invested a great deal of attention in the information and details posted on the Site, However our company does not guarantee its completeness as it may contain minor overlooked mistakes.
· All issues concerning our business are given priority to any legal situation or condition that may arise from or caused by the use of the Site and
our company can not be held responsible even in the case a user receives damages of any kind from using the Site.
· Even in case the Site services are interrupted due to maintenance work, system failure or other reasons and as a result of which the user has suffered damages, our company does not accept any responsibility.

5. Link to this site
In principle, linking pages from this site is allowed, however the URL of each file may be changed without notice. Moreover, please be sure to link to the home page. In addition, please refrain from linking images and / or inside frames.

6. Our disclaimer to the linked site
In order to complement the information and services provided on the Site, we may attach links to third party's websites.
The contents of a third party website (hereinafter referred to as "linked site") that links from the Site are each managed by and the legal responsibility of the respective third party service provider and not our company's responsibility in any form.
To clarify, our company is not responsible for any damages caused by the usage or content of the linked site or sites in any way.

7. Privacy Policy
On this site, when you make a reservation, an inquiry, submit information etc, including your personal information, they will be registered into the Site database. Registered information will be used by us to provide useful services for our customers. The information you have entered will be used by us only for providing useful services to you and will not be used for any other purpose. 

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