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Frequently Asked Questions

About Reservations 

Are extra fees other than accommodation fees required?

Consumption tax, cleaning fee etc. are included in accommodation fees
The only extra fee will be the 2% credit card fee which will be requested for balance and full payments.

About check-in, check-out and your stay in Kyo Machiya

What is check-in and check-out period?

Check in time is from 15:00-20:00PM, and check out is strictly by 10:00AM. Late check out not available.*

*Please note that we do not allow for Luggage storage at our facility after check out time. 

 Please let us know your scheduled arrival time via email or phone by the day before and contact us for any questions about check in time you may have. 

Can I stay at your facility for more than two consecutive nights?

Yes, you can. The change of amenities and cleaning services during your stay will be offered upon your request. For long-term stay, discount rates may be offered. Please consult us in advance.

Do your accommodation fees include dining expenses?

Dining expenses are not included in accommodation fees. 

Can I cook at your facilities?

A microwave, gas or electric stove, toaster etc. are equipped in the kitchen, whereby you can reheat prepared foods.

​Basic cooking tools and plates, cups, and utensils are provided in the house for guest use. 

Can I put my luggage in your facility before check in time?

If you plan on arriving to the residence before check in time starts (15:00 to 20:00);

You may request for an early luggage drop off. This is only possible from 11:00 AM and you have to contact us to verify that is it arranged for your reservation.

When arriving for a scheduled early luggage drop off (between 11:00 AM and 15:00 PM):

1) Go into the house with the information given to you upon confirmation.

2) Leave your luggage in an orderly fashion near the door (as to not get in the way of cleaning).

3) Close and lock the door after you are done and come back later for actual check in (from 15:00 onward).

**Please note that when arriving for an early luggage drop off, our cleaning staff may be in the residence at that time. 

Do you accept a group of more persons than a quota?

In principle, we do not accept such groups to maintain the quality of services. Please contact us if you have questions about staying wth children.

If I need to change a reservation detail, such as the number of guests, what shall I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible so we can prepare for your arrival. In case of an increase in members, you will be required to pay by credit card. In case of a decrease in members, corresponding fees will be refunded for your stay.

How about bed-making? Is there daily cleaning?

The bedding/house will prepared by the time of check-in so that guests can make themselves at home as soon as they arrive.


​Please note that all houses do not have daily cleaning and change of towels. Guests are welcomed to use the washing machines provided in the house during their stay.  However, daily cleaning or in-between cleaning is offered upon request and cleaning fee. 

About the detailed location of the facility.

For security reasons, the exact locations of our facilities are not given on the websites. Upon the completion of reservation, the map showing the exact location will be sent to the representative person by e-mail.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are prohibited in our facilities.

In case of emergency, who shall I contact?

Emergency contacts will be given to guests upon check-in.

About Facilities & Equipment

Do you have a parking space?

You are requested to use a toll parking near the facility. Please ask us for more details if you plan to arrive by car.

Can I smoke inside your facilities?

We are very sorry for your inconvenience, but smoking is strictly prohibited in all the facilities. 

​Is there WIFI available?

Free Wi-Fi network is available in all houses. 

​*Please note that some houses have unlimited house-wifi, and others pocket wifi devices. 

Is a refrigerator and awashing machine available?

Both are available in most of the houses.

In the winter, isn't it too cold?

All the facilities are equipped with the air conditioner. Since Japan doesn't have central heating, this is the most common heating system. However, sensitivity to cold weather varies by persons. If you feel cold after check-in, please be aware that only the blankets and heating provided in the residence are going to be provided and there will not be any addition etc per requests.

Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you may cancel a reservation at any time, however, depending on the time passed since the reservation was made

and the time remaining until the check in date there will be a cancellation fee charged.

How much does it cost to cancel my reservation?

In case you do not show up on the check in day or cancel your reservation two weeks or under before your stay date the cancellation fee is 100% (the full price of the reservation). If you cancel your reservation before that we only charge the price of one night stay as a cancellation fee (The deposit). 

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