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Furumonzen-So is a traditional townhouse in an absolutely superb location. Hidden deep in a Japanese alleyway, the house is a one minute walk from the Shirakawa Stream, one of the loveliest areas in Kyoto. While located in a very quiet area its closeness to all of the main public transportation lines of the Sanjo area ensures an immediate access to the heart of Kyoto’s historical Higashiyama (Eastern Mountains) district.  Furumonzen-So is also just a short walk from some of the most famous World Heritage Sites in Kyoto such as Yasaka Shrine, Maruyama Park, and many other points of interest.


Capacity 1~5 guests

Two Floor House

1F: Very spacious Living room, Kitchen, Lobby room, Bathroom, toilet. 2F: Large Bedroom (5 beds)


382-2 Motomachi Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 605-0089, Japan

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