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Gion Shirakawa Ougi-An

Ougi-An Gion Shirakawa is centrally located in Gion, walking distance to major sights and the city center entertainment area as well is in one of Kyoto's famous antique shops streets. It has been renovated to provide luxury-level comfort to its guests, yet has been designed to retain a cozy Japanese feeling with the spirit, esthetic's, and beauty of the traditional Japanese town house. Ougi-An- is within easy walking distance from the city center as well some of Kyoto's major sightseeing spots in the Higashiyama district ,the Eastern Mountains, including of course the Gion the famous Geisha district, Kiyomizu with Ninen zaka and sanen Zaka, Yasaka shrine, as well Chion in temple, Heian Shrine and more. Another option would be, a an early morning walk in Gion district itself to get a glimpse into the Geisha world before the tourist fills the streets.


Capacity 2~4 guests

Room info:

1F: Living room, kitchen, Bathroom, toilet 2F: 2 Western style bedroom with beds


605-0065 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Furunishichō, 319−15 Japan

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