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Ojizoya Is currently Unavailable until further notice.

Ojizoya is located in a quiet alley in the midst of a vibrant neighborhood in Kyoto, loaded with history and small stories from the past. It is a traditional, cozy Japanese house which has been renovated to provide luxury-level comfort to its guests while still being designed to retain the spirit, aesthetics, and beauty of the traditional Japanese town house.
On the outside wall of Ojizoya is a shrine which is shared by three houses. This shrine is dedicated to the god Ojizo: the god of both children and travelers (hence the name of the house). During your stay here at The House of Ojizo, you, the traveler, will be personally protected while you enjoy both the ambiance of the house and the attractions of its location.


Capacity 2~4 guests

Room 46.6m2

1F: Living room, kitchen, Bathroom, toilet 2F: Western style room with one double bed, Japanese room (3tatami mats)


282-1, Ebisucho Kitagumi, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0917, Japan

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