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Elegant, spacious, traditional, modern comfort, and with a unique story, Miyakamo-An is a beautiful 3 story high traditional Kyoto Machiya house in in a quiet neighborhood in the heart of Gion Kyoto! It is super convenient for shopping, sight-seeing & transportation and can easily house groups of up to five guests. Miyakamo-An has been lovingly restored in the traditional style and furnished with antiques along modern amenities like air-conditioning, western toilets and a modern kitchen. Owned by a former Geiko, it used to be a center for performers and local get togethers.


Capacity 2~5 guests

Space: 111.59 m2

1F: Sitting area around the old bar kitchen, Living room, Small sitting corner, Toilet. 2F:Bedroom with two single beds, Kitchen and dining area, Bath room, Dressing room, Toilet. 3F: Master bedroom with a double bed, Second bedroom with room for a Futon.


370-2 Miyagawasuji 6-chōme Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 605-0801, Japan

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