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Iho-An is a traditional Kyoto Machiya (townhouse) located amidst a tiny quiet laneway in an enclave of 12 houses. Iho means 'Lingering Fragrance' while An means 'Cottage'. The name came about from the lingering fragrance of incense that sometimes permeates the house from the adjacent temple. 
The area around the house is steeped in Kyoto history with many interesting cafes, antique shops and specialty shops selling sweets, incense and bags from old kimonos.

Iho-An is located in the temple district of Kyoto adjacent to Kyoto’s Higashiyama tourist area and many highlights of Kyoto like the Heian Jinju, Kyoto Museum, Nanzenji, Kodaiji and Chion-in Temples, Maruyama Park, Philosophers Path, the upmarket restaurant area of Pontocho and many more are all an easy stroll away. This whole area is flat and an easy to walk and, as with all Kyoto, is quiet and perfectly safe. Fifteen minutes away are also the Higashiyama mountains with their superb hiking trails.


Capacity 2~4 guests

Room 47.72 m2

1F: Living room, kitchen, Bathroom, toilet 2F: Western style room with one double bed, sitting room


362-8, Kashiracho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8354, Japan

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